​​​​​​​​Heritage  Oak 
​Park  CDD

The CDD maintains entrance and exit gates on Quesada Avenue and on Peachland Boulevard. All vehicles entering or exiting the property pass through these gates.

  • Resident and owner access is permitted through use of a remote gate opener.
  • Visitors may obtain access by entering a code that rings a resident's phone. The resident may then choose to open the gate for the visitor, or deny access by hanging up.   ​
  • Service vehicles may obtain access by entering an assigned code at the gate keypad.

Owners, residents, and service companies can obtain remote gate openers and gate codes by contacting the CDD Office. 

The CDD operates multiple wells, pumps, control systems, and water lines to provide irrigation service to all property within Heritage Oak Park. 

To report irrigation problems or request irrigation service, call 1-800-481-0096, or send an email describing the problem, including the address and problem location, to customerservice@mainscape.com

Gates & Irrigation

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